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Parkland Cares Campaign

3 Dollar Challenge partnered with Parkland Cares to promote mental health with proceeds going towards therapy for individuals that still face trauma from the horrific events that occurred in 2018. Parkland Cares strives to provide immediate & long-term funding and awareness for mental health counseling and programs for survivors, their families, & the community.

“Since day one, Parkland Cares has given back to the MSD community in countless ways. As we approach the three-year mark since the tragic Valentine’s Day of 2018, our emotions are still raw and many still feel the anxiety and psychological wounds.  We must continue to provide a support system by removing barriers to accessing mental health services, and Parkland Cares works to do that each and every day by raising funds and awareness.” – @parklandcares

In total, we were able to raise close to $1,500 from over 315 donors during a two day period.

Links to learn more:

To learn more about ParklandCares: https://parklandcares.org/

3 Dollar Challenge campaign launch: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLUhFIRl3_2/

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